Over 25 women and youth from different religions and countries across Europe met in Warsaw to discuss their contribution to the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in August 2019.

Revd Thomas Wipf the President of the European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL) gave a brief background on the World Assembly and Dr Mark Owen the Secretary General of ECRL introduced the 10th World Assembly sub theme commission papers.

Joanna Owen, ECRL project coordinator led the programme as participants were divided into groups each looking at one of the following themes:

  • Advancing Positive Peace
  • Preventing and Transforming Conflicts
  • Promoting Just and Harmonious Societies
  • Working for Sustainable and Integral Human Development (SDG’S)
  • Protecting the Earth

The groups focused on the specific challenges faced in Europe in relation to the theme and then proposed a project/initiative that could be taken forward.

Imogen Flatau spoke of a practical project initiated by the European Council of Religious Leaders called Religion in Action of which she is the Coordinator. This is a website platform to showcase the positive work and activities carried out by religious and inter-religious organisations and projects throughout Europe. Participants were encouraged to showcase their project by uploading information, photos and videos to www.religions-in-action.eu/participate and to encourage their networks to do the same.

The European Women of Faith Network and Interfaith Youth Network had an opportunity to meet separately and discuss further work. “The meeting was extremely useful and I was delighted to meet so many dynamic youth and women from Europe renewing past friendships and making new ones.” Project Coordinator Joanna Owen.