At this uncertain moment in time, as the world faces an extraordinary crisis brought about by coronavirus, there is an urgent need for us as humankind, to unite in bringing about positive change. The RfP movement have taken steps over the past few months to address this challenge, by providing funds to RfP partners globally. 

The European Council of Religious Leaders (ECRL) has partnered with RfP International to distribute funds to countries in Europe and the first projects we are supporting are Youth for Peace Bosnia and Religions for Peace Albania.

The premise is for the funding to help three groups of people; religious officials, women and young people in these regions. The funds will hopefully help the region with their struggles, as thousands of families have been economically hit due to the pandemic. In Albania, the seed money will help 100 families in need with food packages, delivered to people’s homes. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Youth for Peace aims to help in tackling social isolation in religious communities. This has arisen as a prominent issue for many, since periods of not being able to  attend their places of worship for religious practice, which is hugely important to their lives. The organisation hopes to build a greater sense of community within and between religions online in their regional languages, to help people feel less alone in this difficult time.

This is just one model of how RfP and ECRL have come together and responded to the negative impact of Coronavirus, through helping multi-faith communities that are in need, worldwide.

Prof. Dr Azza Karam, the Secretary General of RfP has commented:

“The world is facing an unprecedented crisis brought about by Covid-19, and religious actors are first responders in humanitarian crises. Religions for Peace is determined to support the multi-religious humanitarian efforts in these crisis times because we know that multi-religious collaboration in times of crisis, guarantees social cohesion at all times.”

Support multi-faith initiatives around the world.