Today’s challenges of violent conflict and extremism, human rights abuses, poverty and threats to the earth are taking place in a spreading crisis of confidence in political and economic institutions. Even the notion of “truth” is being contested and communication is now too often tailored and manipulated for commercial or political gain.

In response, Religions for Peace (RfP) will convene its 10th World Assembly in Lindau, Germany, from 20-23 August 2019. Under the Assembly theme—Caring for our Common Future—some 700 religious representatives— women, men and youth—ranging from senior-most dignitaries to grassroots activists will convene to discern commitments to peace that will serve as a shared foundation for multi-religious action. The religious leaders will be joined by representatives of nation States, the United Nations, foundations and other civil society sectors to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships for action.

Multi-religious action to resolve violent conflicts, advance inclusive citizenship, promote integral development and protect the earth will lead into the World Assembly and flow out of it with enhanced scale, coordination and partnership.

The relationship between nation States and the world’s religious communities is dynamically in play around the world, with a growing recognition that addressing today’s challenges requires principled partnership among the religious communities and with States. Germany provides a highly positive venue for the World Assembly. The German Government’s agenda, “ Responsibility of the Religions for Peace,” is a timely and promising action-oriented response to the need for collaboration. Dating from the Weimar Constitution 100 years ago, Germany has advanced both a separation of religion and State as well as a dynamic partnership between them for the common good.

RfP is the world’s largest multi-religious organization and operates in 90 countries around the world. The Assembly will elect the new Religions for Peace World Council of 60 religious leaders coming from all continents and major religions. The World Council is a global agent of action with its International Secretariat located in the United Nations Plaza in New York City. The World Council also facilitates coordination among the 6 regional and 90 national RfP affiliates and the related inter-religious networks of youth and women.