ECRL collaboration with the Centre of Religion Reconciliation and Peace, University of Winchester

Launch of handbook on multireligious approaches to Integration in Europe.

It is often presumed that organisations and communities from different religions working together is in some way beneficial. However, in the area of integration until now there has been no clear evidence of why this is the case, or how multireligious cooperation can really help.

The guidance and advice in this handbook is based on the findings from the first comprehensive study of the benefits of multireligious cooperation on welcoming and integrating migrants. The study looked at cooperation between organisations involved in integrating migrants and local
religious communities, as well as cooperation between local religious communities/institutions on projects aiming at integrating migrants.

The guidance has three aims:

  • To improve the knowledge and understanding of service providers about the benefits of working with different religious communities on integration projects; and how this can benefit not only the migrants but also local communities.
  • To improve the knowledge and understanding of local religious groups about the benefits of working with other religious communities on integration.
  • To improve the knowledge and understanding of funders about the benefits of a multireligious approach to integration, to support the design of funding programmes and to decide which activities and initiatives they should support.

Download Handbook Here