The growing number of religious motivated acts of violence is a challenge for all major religions. Thus bodies like the European Council of Religious Leaders ECRL strive towards an efficient dialouge between the European religions, ECRL member Martin Hein emphasised in an interview with the German Prostant news agency epd. Hein is also Bishop of the Protestant Church of Hesse-Electorate Waldeck EKKW. These violent acts constitute a fundamental misconception of religion, thus Hein, who described the conversion to another religion as a “particular challenge”, since some religions consider converts being renegades.

In order to tackle the present challenges, bodies like ECRL are in need of confederates like the European Union, Hein underlined. Hence ECRL members try to arouse interest in religious questions within Brussels. Up to now the EU is based on laicistic principles, “but the attitude currently changes”, thus Hein. Brussels starts to recognizes religions as part of the solution, not only as part of the problem, the German Bishop explained. The European Council of Religious Leaders could play “a vital role therein”.

Read the full press statement here (German).