March 2019 ECRL’s Secretariat convened a meeting in Berlin with representatives of RfP National bodies from 8 different countries, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

In preparation for the World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau Germany August 2019, National representatives were briefed on the National Consultations process which offers the Religions for Peace Movement the unique opportunity to learn about the complex issues, and religious assets, in each national context, from highly informed and well networked religious leaders and communities.

Equipped with information, representatives are ready to carry out consultations in their National contexts. Collectively, data and insights from these consultations will form the foundations for the Religions for Peace movement’s strategy over the coming years, will feed directly into regional consultations and discussions, and future programming.

The briefing was facilitated and hosted by ECRL President Revd Dr Thomas Wipf and ECRL Secretary General Dr Mark Owen, with key presentations from RfP International World Assembly Advisor Stein Villumstadt. Attendees included Peter Jörgensen (Germany Commissioner of the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau- Foundation Peace Dialogue of World Religions Lindau); Amb. Dr. Volker Berresheim and Dr Silke Lechner (German Foreign Department), Dr Genti Kruja (Religions for Peace Albania), Dr Marcel Israel ( Inter-Religious Council of Bulgaria- Religions for Peace), Dr Luigi De Salvia (Religions for Peace Italy), Mrs. Mirjam H.J.C. Ates-Snijdewind (Religions for Peace Netherlands), Imam Essan Secundar (Religions for Peace Belgium), Igor Kozemjakin (Inter-Religious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Religions for Peace), Dr. Franz Brendle (Religions for Peace Germany) and Mr. Jehangir Sarosh (Religions for Peace United Kingdom).